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The Resourceful Family




While skilled in strategizing and execution, Application is an area where your resourceful family is less dominant. Your pragmatism ensures efficient implementation once plans are set, but consistency in aligning actions with beliefs may waver without defined goals. Your application abilities are adequate but require ongoing re-calibration to translate identity into impact. To strengthen Application, consider more accountability and celebrate small wins. Purposeful check-ins and reflection will reinforce staying true to your identity through behavior. Improving follow-through for your family requires harnessing your practical nature.


Connecting practical skills to a deeper sense of meaning is a challenge for your resourceful family. Without a clear ‘why,’ your impressive resourcefulness lacks direction, often focusing more on ‘how’ than ‘why.’ To strengthen your sense of purpose, identify shared values and aspirations. Reflection and vision-casting will provide perspective. Anchor plans in Purpose before jumping into tasks. Cultivating a deeper ‘why’ unlocks significant and sustainable success for your family, pairing your potent practical nature with purpose for fulfillment.