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The Resilient Family


Family Summary


ri-ZIL-yent FAM-uh-lee


Characterized by resolute perseverance, optimism, and adaptability in overcoming adversity through strategic direction-setting and unified action.

Results Summary

As a Resilient Family, your superpower lies in the remarkable ability to rally together and bounce back when life presents challenges. Approach life’s hurdles with a blend of faith, flexibility, optimism, and determination, your family excels at focusing on clear goals and crafting strategic plans to overcome obstacles, especially in uncertain times. When faced with adversity, you unite, take decisive action, and persevere through difficulties without succumbing to feelings of overwhelm or hopelessness. Your exceptional skills in direction-setting and follow-through not only unite your family but also allow you to thrive amid challenges. Challenges, for you, serve as opportunities to strengthen your connection to each other and expand your capacity for endurance. With your spirited resilience, the ups and downs of life only reinforce your family’s unshakeable perseverance and hope, creating a narrative of triumph over adversity that inspires those around you.

In your resilient family, you embody the strength to bounce back from challenges and adapt to adversity. Resilience is the backbone of your family dynamics, reflecting your collective ability to face tough times with unwavering determination. As a family, you navigate hardships together, learning and growing stronger through each experience. Your resilience is evident in the way setbacks become opportunities for shared growth, and in the way you support one another in overcoming obstacles. Ultimately, your resilient family stands united, turning challenges into stepping stones on the continuous journey of building a robust and enduring connection.


Family Traits/Summary 

Tenacious, Hopeful, Faithful

In your Resilient Family, you embody tenacity, facing challenges with unwavering determination and perseverance. Your hopeful outlook infuses optimism into every situation, inspiring resilience. Grounded in faith, your family navigates hardships with trust and unwavering belief, becoming a source of strength and inspiration for each member. Together, you form a Resilient Family that thrives in adversity, finding hope, strength, and purpose in the face of challenges.

Core Four Sequence 

Direction, Application, Purpose, Identity

Resonating Truth 

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13) For your resilient family, this verse is a profound source of strength. These words affirm that through your faith and connection with God, you can overcome challenges and persevere in the face of adversity. Just as you’ve demonstrated resilience in the past, this biblical wisdom reinforces the idea that your family can navigate any situation with the strength derived from your collective faith. It serves as a constant reminder that, together with Him who provides strength, your family can continue to face and overcome obstacles, fostering a spirit of perseverance and unwavering resolve.