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The Empowered Family


Family Summary


IPA: /ɛmˈpaʊərd ˈfæməli/

Webster’s: em-POW-urd FAM-uh-lee



Characterized by purposeful action and persevering hands-on practice, they motivate individual and collective growth by progressively expanding skills and self-confidence.

As an Empowered Family, your expertise lies in taking hands-on action to foster the growth, skills, and potential of each member. Driven by an uplifting sense of purpose, you excel at empowering one another to expand capabilities through focused practice. Your encouraging crew gains confidence and abilities with each instance of motivating each other to step outside comfort zones, try something new, or persevere to achieve the seemingly impossible. You’re highly proficient at drawing out each other’s inner spark, believing the best about each other and genuinely championing others’ success. Overall, your family’s standout quality lies in its ability to identify and unlock the potential within each member through purposeful, hands-on action. This unmatched superpower lies not only in providing encouragement and support but also in developing new capacities within a selfless and humble environment.

In your empowered family, every member experiences a strong sense of autonomy, confidence, and an understanding that their contributions truly matter. Your family actively cultivates an environment that not only supports individual strengths but also nurtures a healthy, collective spirit of independence. Within this family, empowerment serves as the foundation, giving each member the freedom to take initiative, make decisions, and actively contribute to shaping your family’s journey. Your family’s dynamics are rooted in mutual trust, open communication, and a shared belief that every person has the ability to positively influence and contribute to your family’s growth and well-being.

Family Traits/Summary 

Encouraging, Teachable, Fearless

In your Empowered Family, you are naturally encouraging, creating an atmosphere where each member feels motivated and supported. Your teachable spirit is a cornerstone, fostering enduring openness to new ideas and continuous growth. Fearlessness is ingrained in your family, manifesting as courage that ignites boldness, catalyzing transformative change. Together, you embody empowerment through encouragement, a commitment to learning, and a fearless pursuit of positive transformation.

Core Four Sequence 

Application, Purpose, Identity, Direction / Direction, Identity

Resonating Truth

Acts 1:8 assures, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” This verse is a powerful reminder of the transformative impact that comes from a divine connection to a higher purpose. Your family, like the empowered disciples, possesses a unique strength and influence. This biblical wisdom underscores that your family’s empowerment is not just for personal benefit but for a broader mission—encouraging you to be witnesses, impacting both nearby and far-reaching realms, echoing the empowered spirit within your family.