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The Evolving Family


Family Summary


Evolving Family:

IPA: /ɪˈvɑlvɪŋ ˈfæməli/

Webster’s: ih-VOLV-ing FAM-uh-lee


Characterized by consistent action and strategic direction to actively nurture continual collective improvement and development.

As an Evolving Family, you demonstrate an impressive proficiency in following through on plans, a commitment that propels your collective journey of continuous growth and improvement. The dynamic combination of proactivity and intentional processing is your family’s one-two punch, empowering you with the unique talent of not only mapping out practical steps but also efficiently executing them. Your family excels in accountability and displays remarkable flexibility, consistently anticipating and adapting to change. Rooted in a shared commitment to enhancement and progress, your family is on a perpetual quest for growth and development, both within the confines of your home and in the broader world. Your collective strength lies in the ability to take purposeful action, cultivating progress together in a manner that is not just a skill but a distinctive gift. Your family’s dedication to an ongoing journey of continuously evolving and improving is what sets you apart and makes your potential to impact positive change in the world limitless.  

In your evolving family, you all form a lively team, always adjusting your rhythm. Picture it as a group effort in constant refinement, similar to restoring a cherished piece. Every family member, including you, plays a part in crafting your family story, creating a unique masterpiece together. It’s a journey marked by shared values, resilience in tough times, and finding joy in the simple, everyday moments of being together.

Family Traits/Summary 

Self-aware, Warm, Futuristic

You possess a unique blend of self-awareness, warmth, and forward-thinking mindset that effortlessly translates into your family life. Your deep self-awareness guides you in making the right choices, while your warmth helps you build strong connections with your loved ones. You have an unwavering commitment to personal growth and are never deterred by challenges, for you see them as opportunities for growth. With a visionary outlook, you actively shape a future full of possibilities, making your family a powerful force for continual evolution.

Core Four Sequence

Application, Direction, Identity, Purpose

Resonating Truth

In 2 Corinthians 5:17, we find these uplifting words: ‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!’ This verse serves as a powerful source of encouragement for your Evolving Family, beautifully encapsulating the essence of transformation and renewal. Your family actively embraces growth and change, leaving behind the old for the new. This wisdom reinforces that evolution, both individually and collectively, is a natural and ongoing testament to positive change. May this Scripture inspire your family to wholeheartedly embrace the continuous journey of transformation, finding hope and inspiration in the promise that, through Christ, God truly makes all things new.