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The Evolving Family




Your lower Identity score suggests that, while highly change-embracing, you may not have fully explored the shared narratives, connections, and values shaping who you are. While united in adaptability, taking time to crystallize your origins, strengths, and purpose will empower your Evolving Family to evolve with greater perspective and care for one another. Deepening your Identity provides an anchor amidst fluidity, enriching your family as you continuously expand and progress.



Your Purpose score suggests that, while adaptable, your family may not feel anchored by a profound shared sense of meaning guiding your growth. While united in betterment, discovering your unique higher Purpose can provide inspiration and focus amid fluidity. Nurturing a collective understanding of why you strive to grow will illuminate your path, empowering your Evolving Family to unfold in a purposeful and caring manner, advancing with perspective even in uncertain times.