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Our Story

Family ID was founded in 1997 by Greg and Rhonda Gunn to help families achieve greater unity. They started by hosting sessions in their living room and have since grown significantly, guiding thousands of families to discover their Family ID through transformative workshops. Today, Family ID operates as an independent 501(c)(3) organization supported by individual contributions and event revenue.



Our Mission

Inspired by faith, we passionately carry on our Founder’s vision and heart-felt mission of helping families engage, restore, and grow together. Our goal is to reach 300 million families globally, as we believe every family that discovers its identity is a family that’s been empowered with purpose on purpose. We engage, restore and grow familiesstarting with self-discovery.




Key Focus Areas

1. The Family ID Assessment

The Family ID Assessment is a unique tool that has been created to help families with personal and relational growth, by exploring the distinctiveness of their family, including their culture and collective personality. This assessment is designed to be taken by every member of a household. It helps families become more self-aware by providing valuable insights to improve dynamics and relationships.

2. Family ID Content

Our content explores four fundamental principles that we refer to as The Core Four: Identity, Purpose, Direction, and Application. Through Family ID, we offer individuals practical and spiritual insights into the Core Four and how they impact daily life.

3. Family ID Workshops

Our workshop events have been an important foundation for many years and remain essential to our mission. To continue our Founder’s meaningful vision, we continue to offer in-person events that help guide families to establish their Mission, Vision and Values. As we have grown and evolved through the years and created the Family ID Assessment tool, we have designed an additional event called the Engage Workshop. This event has been created to reach a broader range of people and organizations in a new way, similar to our assessment. Serving local and global businesses, churches, and teams, this event is for those who want to invest further in their staff and/or community’s families. Our workshops help families uncover their identity with low barriers to entry, sparking excitement around self-discovery and providing individuals with powerful insight into family life.

Our Values

We are guided by prayer.

We seek guidance from God first.

We are innovative leaders.

We foster creativity at the forefront of family ministry.

We are excellent, inside and out.

We uphold integrity, keep promises, and prioritize productivity over busyness.

We are passionately resilient.

We conquer obstacles with optimistic determination.

Our Mission

We guide families.

Through a journey of self-discovery, we help family members find their unique identity and purpose.

We empower families.

We provide families with the necessary tools and resources to create a lasting legacy for future generations.

We develop leaders.

We develop others to strengthen families worldwide—inspiring engagement, restoration, and growth within the family unit.

Our Vision

To lay the foundation for many Godly generations by guiding families to discover identity in Christ.

We want to connect with you.

We are committed to reaching and impacting families all over the globe, and we’d love to connect with you and yours.

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