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Family ID Resources

Welcome to the Family ID Resources hub, where we provide a wealth of tools to support your family’s journey towards purposeful living. Dive into our insightful blog, offering practical tips, inspiring stories, and expert advice on navigating the complexities of family life. For a more immersive experience, check out our Family ID Companion Workbook—an invaluable resource designed to guide you through defining your personal and family Identity, Purpose, and Direction. Join us at our live Family ID Events, where we foster connection and growth through engaging workshops and discussions. Whether you’re seeking wisdom from our blog, hands-on guidance from the Workbook, or the vibrant community atmosphere of our live events, Family ID Resources are here to empower your family’s unique path to fulfillment. Start your journey with us today.

Articles and Videos

Explore the Family ID Blog, a platform where we cover the Core 4: Identity, Purpose, Direction, and Application within the context of family life. Our articles and engaging videos are crafted to empower users with insights and practical guidance, addressing the unique needs of families across various dimensions such as parenting, marriage, relationships, and more.


The Free Family ID Masterclass

Join the Family ID Masterclass to discover your family’s unique identity through a video course walking you through the Core Four Pillars: Identity, Purpose, Direction, and Application.

Uncover each member’s responsibility in shaping family culture. Gain biblically-based and practical guidance to strengthen communication and alignment around vision and values. Invest a few minutes across multiple videos to ignite meaningful conversations that get to the heart of God’s unique calling for your household.

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Family ID Books

Discover our range of Family ID books on Amazon, each crafted to guide families through challenging times and help uncover their true identity. Our collection offers a variety of insights and strategies for navigating life’s complexities, strengthening family bonds, and fostering a sense of unity. Whether you’re looking to resolve conflicts, deepen connections, or simply understand each other better, our books provide practical tools and exercises for families to grow and thrive together. Explore our selection and find the perfect guide to enhance your family’s journey towards a stronger, more harmonious future.

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