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Family Types

16 Family Types

We have cultivated 16 unique Family Types that can open the door to awareness and learning for your family.


These families are Identity forming families that showed their top strength being Identity.


These families are Purpose Focused families that showed their top strength being purpose.


These families are Direction Oriented families that showed their top strength being Direction.


These families are Application Based families that showed their top strength being Application.

Understanding the 16 Family Types: Who Are We?

Explore the uniqueness of your family with our innovative concept, the ‘Core Four,’ which is the foundation of our 16 Family Types. This approach focuses on four essential elements: Identity, Purpose, Direction, and Application.


1. Identity: Who Are We?
Identity helps you explore: “Who are we?” This is all about understanding who you are as a family. It’s a chance to find out what makes your family special and different.

2. Purpose: Why Are We Here?
Purpose answers the question: “Why are we here?” It’s about figuring out what your family’s goal or mission is. Think about what brings your family together and what you’re all aiming to achieve.

3. Direction: Where Are We Going?
Direction involves answering: “Where are we going?” This is about setting goals for your family. What do you dream of achieving together? Where do you see your family in the future?

4. Application: How Do We Get There?
Application is all about: “How do we get there?” This means making plans and taking steps to reach your family’s goals. It’s about working together to make your dreams a reality.

Join us in this exciting journey to better understand your family. Find out which of the 16 Family Types you belong to and start building a stronger, happier family today.