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The Resourceful Family




“Ingenuity, plus courage, equals resourcefulness.”  James Cash Penney


This powerful mantra paints a vivid picture of the creative, brave, and resourceful spirit that defines your family. As ingenuity and courage intertwine, your family tackles challenges with inventive solutions, showcasing a resilience that skillfully transforms obstacles into opportunities. Beyond just words, this quote stands as a testament to your Resourceful Family’s remarkable ability to turn every challenge into a chance for ingenious triumph.



The song “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor is a source of inspiration for your resourceful family as it celebrates your ability to adapt and overcome challenges. You don’t just listen to it as background music; it’s your go-to hype song that motivates your family and gets you ready to take on the world with your resourceful nature. The lyrics remind you that you have the creative problem-solving skills and resilience to tackle any obstacle, while the upbeat tempo reflects your positive attitude towards life. For you, “I Will Survive” is not just a song but a dynamic anthem that embodies your lively and resourceful spirit.



Enter the world of your Resourceful Family, where the fox takes the spotlight as the family mascot! This furry friend is a cunning and adaptive creature symbolizing the sharp wit, strategic thinking, and resourcefulness that define your family’s unique approach to life. Just like the fox, your family excels in navigating challenges with clever solutions, demonstrating versatility and quick thinking. No doubt, the fox is a symbolic embodiment of your Resourceful Family’s ability to thrive in any environment, using your intelligence and adaptability to conquer whatever comes your way.