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Thank You, Mom

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Thank You, Mom

Mother’s Day is a special occasion observed annually to honor the hard work and love of moms. But let’s take a moment to consider everything moms do every other day of the year. Daily routines and hectic schedules often prevent us from stopping, reflecting, and acknowledging the significant impact mothers have on our lives.

When we enter the world, a mother is often the first to hold and nurture us. They become our guide, supporter, cheerleader, protector, and unwavering pillar of strength when we need it. With that said, we can’t deny that Mother’s Day is a well-deserved way to honor, celebrate, and love the remarkable women who shape so many areas of our lives.  

Let’s reflect and praise some of the ways our mothers make us feel special every day:


A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love knows no bounds! Can you think of a more fitting statement to describe it? A mother’s love is unconditional—think about all the times you disobeyed, got in trouble at school, or fought with siblings; no matter the circumstance or how upset or frustrated a mother receives, her love never goes away. She is selfless, comforting, and gentle. A mother is there to hold us, wipe away our tears, put a band-aid on our wounds, and soothe us through the hard times. A mother’s love is constant.

A Light That Guides

A mother is our first teacher and guide. She is there to teach us invaluable life lessons, how to treat others, and how to be kind. A mother fills us with confidence and builds our courage to chase our dreams, telling us that we can do anything we set our minds to. She is also there to teach us the strength to overcome life’s many obstacles and challenges. With all mother responsibilities throughout any given day, she still has the time to guide us through day-to-day life and cheer us on every step of the way.

Sacred & Unshakable

The bond between a mother and child is sacred and unbreakable. This bond begins when a mother first holds her child, forming both an emotional and physical bond. This doesn’t just apply to a biological child; this bond happens as well with an adopted or fostered child. A mother is considered the safe haven and protector; they form a bond of love that cannot be broken and provide a resounding strength through moments of joy and sorrow. The sacred bond between a mother and child is embedded in the heart and sealed with an unspoken promise to always love and protect. 

A Safe Haven

A mother’s protection of their child is much like that of a lioness guarding her cub. They have steadfast and impenetrable security for their children. A mother stands as the pillar of strength and the first line of defense if there is a threat to their child’s safety. Her instincts are high; she can sense the slightest hint of danger and is ready to shield their child from harm. A mother is there, with open arms, to hold and shelter their child from all life’s hazards at any time.

On this Mother’s Day, take some time to reflect on all your mother has done for you, all the love she’s shown you, and the times she has been there unconditionally. Let us express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the mothers in our lives. Thank them and honor them for shaping your life with their love, wisdom, grace, and protection. Cherish all the memories formed through this love, all the lessons that have formed who you are today, and the bond that unites you with your mother. Thank her for her endless sacrifices and support.

Happy Mother’s Day!

In closing, consider how you can carry forward the legacy of love and lessons your mother has bestowed upon you. There is comfort in knowing that their influence will continue to guide and inspire us for generations to come.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mothers out there—you are the heart of the family, and your love knows no bounds!



This blog post was written by Shelly DeMarre, Executive Assistant at Family ID


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