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Safe Conversation At Home

This week Derek chats with Mandy Majors and Kim Elerick from the nextTalk podcast about how to have intentional conversations with your kids about difficult topics. They discuss how to keep your kids safe online by creating a culture of honest conversation in homes, churches, and schools. They leave no topic uncovered in today’s video.

Mandy Majors and Kim Elerick are co-hosts of the nextTalk podcast, which has grown to 100,000+ listeners in more than 60 countries. Headquartered in San Antonio, TX, nextTalk is a nonprofit organization helping organizations around the world.

Mandy has two teens and Kim has three younger children so the podcasts cover topics and conversations at different ages. Mandy is a graduate of Indiana University and the award-winning author of TALK and Keeping Kids Safe in a Digital World. Kim is a graduate of the University of Hawaii and brings over 15 years of experience in radio production and as a morning show host. She currently serves as the nextTalk director.