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Reaching Your Pre-Teens w/ Gregg Johnson

Discover the transformative journey of children at age 12 through insights shared by Gregg Johnson and Greg Gunn. Scripturally, this phase mirrors the only recorded time in Jesus’ life, from birth to age 30, when He declared, “I must be about my Father’s business.”

In their discussion, Gregg Johnson and Greg Gunn dive deep into the profound meaning of being about one’s Father’s business and the integral role Family Identity plays in reaching kids as preteens. They emphasize the importance of establishing a strong foundation during this pivotal age, shaping a trajectory for a fulfilling and purposeful life.

As Gregg Johnson shares his personal narrative, he reflects on the remarkable decision to turn his bedroom into a Bible college. His life’s adventures, including the inception of J12 Ministries, serve as a testament to the power of walking with God through every stage of life. Join them on this insightful journey of faith, purpose, and the transformative impact of embracing the Father’s business.

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