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One Question Most Families Can’t Answer

One Question Most Families Can't Answer

Hey there, friends! Today, we’re diving into something that might just stump you—one question most families can’t answer: “What’s your family all about?” This isn’t just about your favorite TV show or weekend activities; it’s about the core values that define who you are as a family. It might sound a bit formal, but trust me, this journey is all about love, laughter, and a bit of soul-searching. So grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if that’s your thing), and let’s get started!

Most families struggle to answer ‘What’s your family all about?’ because life often gets busy, and we don’t always take the time to reflect on who we are every day! We’re caught up in daily routines, responsibilities, and the hustle of life, making it hard to pause and think about what truly defines us. Additionally, having open and honest discussions about family values can be challenging, especially when everyone’s perspectives and experiences differ. But the truth is, who we are dictates and defines what we do with our lives and has a lifelong impact on our well-being! Exploring this question can lead to stronger relationships and a deeper sense of unity within the family.

Why Family Values Matter

Let’s face it—sometimes life is just messy and chaotic. Family values are like a compass that helps us navigate through the craziness. They give us a sense of purpose, direction, and solid ground to stand on when everything else seems shaky. Whether it’s kindness, honesty, or faith, these values define us and create a strong, united front.

Step 1) Gather the Troops

First things first, you need a family meeting to tackle this one question most families can’t answer. Yes, I know, getting everyone in the same room (or on the same video call) can be a challenge. But this is where the magic happens. Bring everyone together—kids, parents, maybe even the family dog…for moral support, obviously.

Tip: Make it fun! Have snacks, play some background music, and keep it light-hearted. The goal is to create an open, relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable sharing.

Step 2) Reflect and Share

This is the heart of the process. Start by reflecting on your family’s history, the good times, and the tough ones. What qualities helped you get through challenges? What moments made you proud to be part of your family? Encourage everyone to share their thoughts and feelings. It’s important that each family member feels heard and valued. You might be surprised by the insights that come out of these conversations.

Question to Ask: What makes our family unique? What values do we hold dear? How do we want to be remembered?

Step 3) List Your Values

Now, it’s time to get down to specifics. Write down the values that resonate with everyone. This could be anything from love and respect to adventure and creativity. There’s no right or wrong here—just what feels true to your family.


Once you have a list, narrow it down to your top five. These are the core values that will guide your family’s actions and decisions.


Looking for some inspiration? 


If you need a few more ideas, find more Example Values here!


Step 4) Make It Visible

To keep these values front and center, find creative ways to display them in your home. This could be a family mission statement on the wall, a photo collage, or even a fun family mascot of some kind. The key is to keep these values visible and on your mind throughout the day.

Fun Idea: Have a family art project where everyone contributes to a visual representation of your values. This could be a painting, a collage, or even a digital creation that you can print and frame.

Step 5) Live Your Values

Here’s the most important part—putting these values into action. It’s one thing to talk about them, but living them out day-to-day is where the real work happens. Encourage each other to embody these values in your actions and decisions. Celebrate when you see these values in action, and gently remind each other when you fall short.

Pro Tip: Make it a habit to reflect on your values regularly. Maybe it’s a monthly family check-in or a quick chat at dinner. The goal is to keep these values alive and evolving as your family grows.

Creating family values isn’t a one-time event—it’s an ongoing journey. It’s about growing together, supporting each other, and building a legacy of love and resilience. So take the first step, have those heartfelt conversations, and watch how your family transforms. Remember, there’s no perfect way to do this. It’s all about what feels right for your family. So go ahead, start piecing together those values, and enjoy the beautiful journey of building a stronger, more connected family.


Got any family value stories or tips? Share them in the comments—we’d love to hear from you!

Until next time, stay blessed, and keep growing!


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One question most families can't answer is, "what's your family all about?" So, we created a free course to help them discover exactly who they are!