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Fostering Vision in the Family

This week, Derek hosts Justin Davis of Bright Sky Ministry and learns how he and his family are making change in the fostering community.

Listen in as Justin shares how Family ID’s workshop impacted change within his family. Justin talks about discovering God’s purpose and how that led them to establishing change in their community by creating Bright Sky Ministry. This inspiring interview explains simple steps Justin’s family took to lean into their Family’s Identity and Passion. Now that passion is impacting families across Oklahoma by providing resources and care through Bright Sky Ministry.

Connect with Justin Davis through Bright Sky Ministry and visit the website for more information and to see how you can get involved.

Facebook: @BrightSkyMinistry

Instagram:  @brightskyministry

Website: https://www.brightskyministry.com

Connect with Family ID and learn ways to determine your Unique Purpose and Passion for your Family.

Facebook: facebook.com/familyid ID