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The Strategic Family




“Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.” —Michael Porter


When it comes to your Strategic Family, it’s all about emphasizing the power of intentional decision-making, the craft of choosing a distinct path. This quote captures the very spirit of your family’s deliberate stance to stand out, make savvy choices, and pave a unique way forward. It’s a bold nod to your family’s dedication to strategic thinking and purposeful decision-making. Well done, team!



Stepping into the world of your Strategic Family feels like hitting play on Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin”—a perfect match! The song resonates seamlessly with your family’s values—it’s all about having a clear vision, relentless determination, and the refusal to give up until your goals are achieved. Much like the Strategic Family, the song captures the spirit of unwavering perseverance and the pursuit of a shared vision that propels everyone forward.



Much like the eagle, your family possesses a sharp eye for opportunities, taking deliberate actions to achieve your goals. Soaring above challenges, you adopt a panoramic view of situations, strategically planning your next moves. The eagle’s fierce and unyielding spirit finds its match in your family’s determination. Moreover, the strong sense of family and community that eagles exhibit perfectly mirrors your values. As members of the Strategic Family, you embody the eagle’s tactical precision, resilience, and commitment to uplifting your collective team. Just as eagles rely on one another to flourish across diverse habitats, your family perseveres through all seasons. Guided by a shared strategic vision, you epitomize the very spirit that allows eagles to thrive.