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The Reflective Family


Impactful Action

It’s time to take action that can have a positive impact on your family dynamics. By discovering new shared interests and finding ways to spend quality time together, you can strengthen your relationships and increase connection within your home!

Documentary Discussion

Grab some popcorn and let’s dive into a documentary night! Watch documentaries together and afterward, share your thoughts. It’s not just about the film; it’s about the conversations that unfold. Discover new perspectives and enjoy a family movie night with a side of meaningful discussion.


Community Workshop

Let’s learn something new together! Find a workshop on a topic that interests the whole family. Whether it’s art, cooking, or a shared hobby, attending a workshop sparks creativity and offers a chance to bond over a shared learning experience. Who knows what hidden talents might emerge?


With Purpose, On Purpose Challenge

Live with intention! Challenge each family member to identify one purposeful action they can take every day, aligning with the family’s shared purpose. It’s about making a conscious effort to live with meaning and impact. Small actions, big purpose—it’s the heart of this daily challenge.


Interview Family Elders

Capture the wisdom of our roots! Record interviews with older family members to preserve the richness of your family history. Listen to their stories, understand the experiences that shaped them, and gain insights into the history of where your family has been in life. It’s a journey back in time, narrated by the ones who lived it.