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The Inventive Family




Inventive Family:

IPA: /ɪnˈvɛntɪv ˈfæməli/

Webster’s: in-VEN-tiv FAM-uh-lee


Compelled by a sense of higher purpose, this family ingeniously channels their collective creativity into uplifting solutions to spread joy and help others. Their imaginative gifts are ignited by the desire to make a difference, envisioning original ideas that improve life when put into action. This ambitious and eccentric group thrives when uniting their skills to bring inventive visions to life that align with their values.


Guided by a profound sense of higher purpose, your inventive family artfully channels your collective creativity into solutions that spread joy, and even aid to others. Your imaginative talents are sparked by a sincere desire to make a meaningful difference, envisioning original ideas that materialize into tangible improvements when put into action. Your ambitious and unconventional group excels when combining your different perspectives and ideas—breathing life into inventive visions, always remaining mindful of your shared values. Innovation isn’t a short-lived pursuit—it’s a fundamental aspect of your household. Your family’s creative initiatives not only prove effective but also mirror your dedication to refinement and restoration. Each distinct idea holds the potential for a lasting and far-reaching impact when executed. Your problem-solving approach serves as a reflection of your family’s devotion and commitment, moving you forward with mindful intentionality. Within the narrative of a family’s journey, your creativity becomes a bright and shining light under your shared roof, illuminating moments of joy, purpose, and a united commitment to positive change. It’s through your shared vision and inventive spirit that you carve a distinct path, leaving behind a lasting legacy characterized by extraordinary innovation, and a profound influence in and outside your home.

Within your inventive family, creativity and problem-solving take the wheel, steering your collective experiences. Each member brings a unique perspective, cultivating an environment where innovative solutions flourish. Challenges are not hurdles but rather opportunities to explore beyond the conventional, with your family consistently discovering inventive ways to overcome obstacles. As a unit of inventors, you excel at adapting to new situations, using your combined creativity to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories that encapsulate your family’s dynamic and creative spirit.

Family Traits/Summary

Eccentric, Mindful, Ambitious

In your Inventive Family, eccentricity, mindfulness, and ambition come together to shape a distinctive and dynamic character. Creativity is your lifeblood, and you approach every aspect of life with thoughtful awareness. Embracing ambitious pursuits is second nature to your family, fostering a vibrant and innovative family dynamic that perpetually explores new horizons and possibilities.

Core Four Sequence

Purpose, Application, Direction, Identity


Resonating Truth

Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Your family doesn’t just give a nod to creativity; you guys practically live and breathe it. Fueled by an innovative spirit, you craft with intent, cherishing the divine gift of imagination. This isn’t just about making stuff; it’s about spinning a story that beautifully reflects and enhances your family’s unique character, injecting layers of depth and beauty into your collective adventure.