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The Generous Family




For your Generous Family, purpose is everything. It fuels your mission to bring more heart into the world through serving others, acting as your unwavering true north. Giving back is a heartfelt expression, with volunteering, donating, and helping others flowing naturally. Your purpose binds you tightly as a family, motivating you to turn your faith into love in action. As you grow, your steadfast purpose remains a source of joy, making your hearts sing.



Application stands tall as the second highest principle in your Generous Family, adding a practical touch to your family purpose! It’s not just about good intentions; you’re about translating those generous ideals into action. Your family excels in applying kindness, turning compassion into tangible deeds that make a real impact. This practical approach sets you apart, making generosity not just a concept but a lived reality. Embrace the power of Application, as it propels your family to consistently turn generosity into meaningful change.