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The Focused Family




IPA: /ˈfoʊkəst ˈfæməli/

Webster’s: FOH-kust FAM-uh-lee


The Focused Family anchors firmly in their divinely inspired purpose, making major and minor choices intentionally to live out their shared calling. This family faces all circumstances together with persistence, passion, and confidence grounded in their identity. For the Focused Family, purpose ignites, identity guides, and progress unites.


As a Focused Family, your shared purpose acts as an anchor, guiding decisions—both significant and everyday—in alignment with your values and larger vision. Approaching life with passion and intention, your family remains undeterred by distractions, staying true to what matters most. In moments of challenge, your collective purpose and family identity serve as a stabilizing force. Whether connecting around the dinner table, celebrating milestones, or navigating tough times together, these experiences build unity. This closeness forms a solid foundation, keeping you focused on your priorities. You breathe life into your shared purpose through meaningful conversations, acts of service, and daily steps. As a focused family, your remarkable gift lies in navigating your unique path with authenticity and unity.

In your focused family, a clear sense of purpose guides your collective actions, creating a cohesive and determined unit. Each member contributes to a shared vision, and distractions are minimized to stay aligned with your family goals. Your family’s focus is not only about productivity; it’s about creating intentional and meaningful connections with one another. With a shared commitment to staying on course, your focused family navigates challenges with resilience, ensuring that every effort contributes to the overall success and well-being of each member.

Family Traits/Summary

Passionate, Intentional, Persistent

In your Focused Family, passion, intentionality, and persistence define who you are. This distinctive mix of qualities propels your journey towards goals with unyielding determination. Your family dynamic is all about purposeful action, shared enthusiasm, and a steadfast commitment to transforming aspirations into reality.

Core Four Score Sequence

Purpose, Identity, Direction, Application

Resonating Truth

In the rhythm of your Focused Family, there’s a go-to verse that keeps things on track, Matthew 6:33: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Think of it as your family’s centerpiece—grounding your values and shaping your focus and purpose. It’s like a reminder to prioritize what truly matters most, especially when life gets crazy. Anchoring yourselves in faith and doing what’s right isn’t just about getting stuff or making things happen; it brings a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Your family’s verse isn’t just words—let it be your daily guide, shaping your story and encouraging a focused, purposeful way of living that goes beyond your front door.