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The Driven Family




Driven Family:

IPA: /ˈdrɪvən ˈfæməli/

Webster’s: DRIV-en FAM-uh-lee

The Driven Family

As the Driven Family, your passionate determination propels you forward, as you relentlessly strive to achieve continuous progress in life. There’s an undeniable strength in your family marked by an exceptional level of discipline, where you not only set but consistently surpass intentions, turning them into tangible and commendable accomplishments. For your family, obstacles are not hurdles but rather invigorating opportunities for growth—a thrilling challenge that is embraced with enthusiasm. Through unwavering self-control and a steadfast commitment to perseverance, your family consistently breaks barriers and sets records, turning challenges into stepping stones. As a motivated group, there is a profound understanding of your collective identity, and you maintain authenticity even in the face of uncomfortable dilemmas. The combination of your passionate drive, dedicated follow-through, and unwavering authenticity is a powerful force that undoubtedly yields transformative results for both your family and those fortunate enough to cross your path!

In a driven family, you all form a powerhouse fueled by collective ambition and shared goals. Each family member, including you, contributes your skills and determination, creating a high-performing unit. Your family operates as a team of go-getters, setting and chasing after meaningful objectives, similar to a well-coordinated mission. The drive within your family serves as a unifying force, propelling you forward through challenges and celebrating successes together.


Fueled by tireless determination and a strong sense of identity, they passionately strive to accomplish ambitious aims through focused effort and perseverance.

Family Traits/Summary 

Tenacious, Passionate, Disciplined

The Driven Family is characterized by tenacity, showcasing an unwavering determination to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. They approach life with passion, infusing their endeavors with enthusiasm and a deep sense of purpose. Discipline is a cornerstone of their approach, as they adhere to structured and focused methods to propel themselves forward. This family’s commitment, resilience, and dedication make them a powerhouse of motivation and accomplishment.

Core Four Sequence

Application, Identity, Direction, Purpose / Purpose, Direction

Resonating Truth

Guided by Colossians 3:23, ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,’ your driven family finds powerful motivation. This verse perfectly resonates with your family’s inherent drive, emphasizing the importance of wholehearted effort. By viewing tasks as a form of service to the Lord rather than seeking human approval, this biblical teaching reinforces the profound depth and purpose behind your family’s determination. Let this Scripture be a constant inspiration, urging you to channel your drive into meaningful pursuits, acknowledging that your hard work contributes to a greater purpose beyond human recognition.