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The Collaborative Family




Your Collaborative Family’s strength lies in your shared Identity, which is all about knowing who you are, understanding where you come from, and recognizing what’s truly important. When you apply this shared Identity within your family dynamics, it helps you stay rooted in your shared values during conflicts, and fosters unity through challenges. Your Identity serves as a constant reminder of your purpose, and acts as the glue that binds your family even when you have to make tough compromises. By empowering cooperation and anchoring each member in their individuality, your deep-rooted Identity helps you work seamlessly together and overcome obstacles.



Collaboration is a significant strength of your family, and you put it into action by using Application. Your family’s teamwork is remarkable, and you navigate obstacles with ease by following a solid plan. Your adept use of Application transforms your intentions into tangible cooperation, fostering confidence and positivity. You take care of your team spirit every day, in both small and big ways, which sustains your proactive spirit and transforms your ideas into consistent progress.