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3 Core Values for your Marriage



Listen as Greg hosts Dr. Kim Kimberling, a professional counselor for over 45 years and the founder of Awesome Marriage, a ministry dedicated to you having an Awesome Marriage regardless of what stage you’re in.

Tune in and hear Dr. Kimberling share his story of how he founded Awesome Marriage, and how he realized that helping people with their most important human relationship was his calling.

Listen to the wonderful advice Dr. Kimberling gives to couples about the most important things they can do to improve their relationship. You won’t want to miss the revelation and wisdom he gives today, and daily through Awesome Marriage.

Watch on the Family ID Webpage or YouTube.
Or listen on iTunes and Google.

Connect with Dr. Kimberling through his Organization Awesome Marriage and visit their website to see how you can receive daily advice on how to build an Awesome Marriage.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/awesome.marriage
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/awesome_marriage/

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