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Certain basic principles are required to run a successful business - a decent business plan and goals.  That same successful businessperson goes home, and doesn't have a plan. It's as though he thinks everything that he wants to happen at home is just going to happen by accident. The purpose of this book, Intentional Direction is to lead families to discover their God-given purpose for their family, and inspire them to pass it on to future generations.
This a a tool for parents who believe there is value in talking about core values! Values like Generosity, Kindness, Self-Control and Hard Work aren't talked about much in school, but are extremely important in raising Godly children. This book is simple to use, just discuss a different value every day for 31 days.
Every family ends up somewhere, few end up somewhere on purpose. We want your family to end up somewhere on purpose. This isn’t to help your family live up to perfection. This journal is to help you stay focused on who God has created you to be, and what He has called you to do this year.
In this book, Greg Gunn uncovers what he believes has been one of God's plan for the salvation of all mankind from the beginning of time, for each family to disciple their family members.  If we all did that, how long would it take for the entire population to become Christian?

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Family Leadership Resources

Workshop Prep
Prepare your family for the Family ID Workshop
Team Captain
Prepare the Team Captain in your family
Vision Statement Examples
Examples of Vision Statements for your family
Stay the Course Covenant
Ideas to help your family stay intentional
Family Goal Setting Weekend
Ideas for your own Goal-Setting Weekend
Make Your Family Attractive
How to create an attractive Family culture

Parenting Resources

Father-Son Covenant 2019
Relationship commitments for Father & Son
Father-Daughter Covenant
Relationship commitments for Father & Daughter
Kid Questionnaire
Help your child express their personal value
Girls Reading List
Suggested reading list for young women
Boys Reading List
Suggested reading list for young men
Character Qualities
Character challenge for certain ages

Marriage Resources

50 Ways To Love Your Wife
Ways to make your wife feel loved