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Here’s Why My Family Wrote A Mission Statement

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As a parent, I’ve always wanted the best for my family. Like most parents, I strive to create a stable and loving home where everyone feels valued and understood. But let’s face it, life can get chaotic. That’s why I decided we needed a family mission statement. Here’s our story of why we sat down to write it and how it transformed our family dynamics.

The Turning Point

It all started one evening after a particularly hectic week. Between work, school, and various activities, we were all running in different directions. I felt like we were losing touch with what really mattered. That’s when the idea of a family mission statement popped into my head. I thought, why not create a clear path that we can all follow?

3 Reasons Why My Family Needed A Mission Statement

  1. Our Family Mission Statement Promotes Unity I noticed that we were often focused on our individual goals but not necessarily working together as a team. A mission statement seemed like the perfect way to unify us, reminding us that we’re stronger together.
  2. Our Family Mission Statement Provides Clarity With everyone having their own schedule and priorities, it was easy to lose sight of our core values. A mission statement would provide that much-needed clarity, guiding our decisions and actions.
  3. Our Family Mission Statement Fosters Support Understanding and committing to the same values would naturally lead to a more supportive environment. We’d be more inclined to lift each other up, especially during tough times.

The Process of Creating Our Mission Statement

  1. We set aside a weekend afternoon to gather everyone together. It was important that each family member was present and engaged in the process.

  2. We started by discussing what was important to each of us. This part was eye-opening. I learned so much about my kids’ hopes and dreams, and we found common ground in our shared values.

  3. After our discussion, we brainstormed and wrote down key phrases and ideas that resonated with us. We kept refining until we had a clear and concise mission statement.

  4. We let the draft sit for a few days, then revisited it to make sure it truly reflected who we are as a family. Some tweaks here and there, and it was ready.
  5. Finally, we made a collective commitment to live by our mission statement. We even framed it and hung it in our living room as a daily reminder.

The Impact on Our Family

Our mission statement quickly became part of our everyday life. We’d bring it up during meals and family chats, making sure we were all staying true to our values. My wife and I worked hard to model these values, and soon, the kids naturally started to follow our lead. We made it a habit to revisit our mission statement regularly, especially in family meetings, to keep us on track and tweak things if needed. Whenever we saw our kids living out these values, we celebrated those moments, which really reinforced our shared goals. The biggest change was how we supported each other. Knowing we were all striving for the same things made it easier to empathize, communicate, and work together effectively, bringing us closer as a family.

Biblical Inspiration

Throughout this process, we drew inspiration from the Bible, which provided a strong foundation for our mission statement. Here are some key verses we looked to when considering who we are as a family unit:

“That is why a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and they will become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24  (This verse reminded us of the importance of unity in our family.)

“Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” Ephesians 5:21  (Mutual respect became a non-negotiable in all of our interactions.)

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.” Hebrews 10:24  (Encouraging each other in love and positive actions) became a daily practice.

Practical Tips for Your Family

  1. Make sure to gather everyone when creating your mission statement. Inclusivity is key.

  2. Encourage everyone to share their values and goals openly. This builds a strong foundation for your mission statement.

  3. Display your mission statement in a common area where everyone can see it daily.

  4. Lead by example and ensure your actions align with your mission statement. Your kids will follow your lead.

  5. Regularly celebrate when family members live out the mission statement and take time to reflect on how well you’re doing.

Before I wrap up this story, I want to be transparent and admit, I definitely had to do some research before starting this process with our family, as this was the first time we’d ever wrote a family mission statement. My wife and I had a few brainstorming conversations with each other before involving the kids. I thought it might be helpful to list some of the questions I’ve received from other families, but also provide you with some of my very own questions I had when first beginning this journey. Read through the questions and answers below! Maybe you have similar questions. No matter what, remember, you’re not alone! There’s no shame in asking for help, friend. Take the time to do good research and be sure to include your spouse as you pray and process next steps with God.

Common Questions Families Ask About Their Mission Statements

Q: How often should we revisit our family mission statement?

A: It’s a good idea to revisit it at least once a year or during significant family changes to ensure it still resonates with everyone.


Q: Can our mission statement change over time?

A: Absolutely! As your family grows and evolves, your mission statement can be revised to reflect new values and goals.


Q: How long should our mission statement be?

A: Keep it concise and clear. A few sentences that encapsulate your core values and goals are ideal.


Q: What if some family members disagree on values or goals?

A: Open communication is key. Discuss the differences and find common ground that everyone can agree on.


Q: How can we ensure everyone in the family remembers the mission statement?

A: Display it in a common area and incorporate it into daily routines to keep it at the top of everyone’s mind.


The Bottom Line: Every Family Needs a Mission Statement

In the end, creating a family mission statement was like building a lighthouse that guides us through the stormy seas of daily life. It gave us a clear sense of direction and purpose, strengthened our unity, and helped us support each other more effectively. If you’re looking for a way to bring your family closer and ensure everyone feels valued and understood, I can’t recommend this enough. Take the time to have those heart-to-heart conversations and draft a mission statement that truly reflects who you are as a family. It might just be the key to transforming your family dynamics for the better.


Happy Family Building!


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