Join The Family ID Team

Serving Opportunities

Our Central team, located in Edmond, Oklahoma offers support and resources for Family ID globally.  By serving at an event in your area or online you can be a part of equipping families around the world. 

Serve at an Event

Reach Families through Family ID Online

People all over the world are experiencing Family ID and creating strong family identities.   With a mulitutde of online experiences, hosted by hundreds of volunteers from all over the world, Family ID is changing the world.

Impact Families at Live Family ID Events

Are you interested in leading Family ID at events in your area?  Perhaps you're more interested in welcoming people at an event and making sure they feel welcome?  We have many opportunites for you to serve including becoming a Family ID Facilitator, Coordinator, or local event Volunteer.

Other Ways to Support Family ID

Based in Edmond, Oklahoma, Central teams offer support and resources for all of Family ID. By serving at  you can be a part of equipping families around the globe.


Are you looking for the perfect place to volunteer during the week? If you have administrative skills and a heart to serve, you can put your talents and passions to work by serving at our office in Edmond, OK. We welcome people with flexible schedules, administrative experience, and a great sense of humor. Find your perfect fit on our team!

Creative Media

Every month, Family ID team produces media for every age group and audience imaginable. We’re looking for talented, hard-working, proactive volunteers who are into animation, film, audio, graphic design, production, or planning and logistics. Volunteer hours are flexible.

Information Technology (IT)

Are you keen on details? Are you tech-savvy and trained in the art of finding great solutions? Do you want to serve from anywhere that has a strong internet connection? You might be a great fit to volunteer on the Family ID IT Team! We’re seeking people who are passionate about technology and working on a team to deliver resources with excellence. Serve from anywhere, any time!

Content Writing & Editing

The Content Development Team creates curriculum and resources to lead families, parents, children, youth and business owners to grow. You can use your writing gifts to help repurpose series content and other curriculum. We also have editing and proofing tasks on a regular basis.

Digital Missions

The Digital Missions team leverages technology to reach people around the world. You can impact thousands of families by supporting digital tools.  If you love interacting with the social media community, solving problems, organizing data, translating sermons, managing files, and you also love the global reach of Family ID, Digital Missions is for you.

Social Media

The Social Media Team exists to help engage people on the Family ID social media platforms. There are people in your community who don't feel equipped to lead their families and social media may be how God reaches them. By volunteering to lead the way on social media, you’re refusing to let them spend another day without knowing the truth about changing their family. You can serve from anywhere, and at any time.

Interested? Start the conversation today.

Jon Thies, Volunteer Leader

My name is Jon, and I train and develop leaders to expand Family ID around the world.  

I am looking for motivated people that are willing to lock arms with me to bring hope to families.  Most importantly, I want people to teach and encourage the instruction and the leadership of Jesus Christ.  

I’m really excited for you to join my team. My commitment to you is that I will pour out my life for this calling, and together we will restore the families across the world.