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Small Group | Becoming a Family of Passion & Purpose
This powerful Family ID workshop helps families put their mission, vision and core values in writing.  This course is focused on walking groups of families through the Family ID workshop. 
Discovering Your Family's Unique Identity and Vision
This powerful workshop helps families put their Mission, Vision and Core Values in writing.  This course will equip families on promoting intentional culture inside their own   homes.

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Family Vision

Family ID equips you with the resources to help you lead your entire Family with Intentional Direction, importance of Family Vision, establish Family Core Values and how to set Long Term Goals


We all know there is no instruction book on how to parent, but Family ID equips you with some specific tools to develop life-long sibling relationships, stop fighting in your home, rebellion-proof your teen, and much more.


Relationships are challenging and ever-changing. Family ID leads you to stay ahead of change, develop deep and meaningful relationships, build lasting friendships, interact with an ex-spouse, and prosper in other relationships.

Kingdom Business

Most people that don't attend church still attend a job 40+ hours every week. How can we use our influence at work to build God's Kingdom? Business owners have 1000% more influence than a pastor.


Are you married? Do you want to be married? Were you married? Nothing influences the direction of your life more than who you marry. Learn to minister to your heart and the heart of your spouse through the various stages of marriage.

Relationship With God

Leading your family to the Lord is your first and primary ministry. Strengthen your relationship with God individually, and as a family, 'so that God, in all things, may be glorified.' 1 Peter 4:4