Live Workshops

The powerful Family ID workshop is one tool we use to help families put in writing their mission, vision, and core values. Through this workshop, we begin to equip families on how to promote intentional culture inside their own homes.  We explore the power of vision, the importance of becoming an interdependent family, and so much more that will empower your entire family.  In our workshops, everyone is welcome! Single mothers, fathers, or single adults, teenagers, and even grandparents will see the powerful benefits of intentional living!All family members, including children who can read and write, are encouraged to attend Family ID workshops.  Join us for a Family ID Live Workshop near you and experience change in your family.

Speaking Events

The Family ID team has been leading families towards intentional direction for many years.  Groups of all ages are empowered and inspired by topics of visioneering, leadership, generational thinking, and many more.  Our team brings a healthy combination of experience, wisdom, and insight to capture the attention and imagination of the audience.  Join us at a speaking event near you, or invite us to speak at your next event.

Online Events

Family ID hosts many powerful and impactful online events, the greatest of these being a complete Family ID Workshop.  Throughout the year we also host many trainings and release events where we share our most recent equipping resources for your family.  We would love for you to join us online at our next event.  Simply check the calendar and jump online.

Family ID Events Calendar

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Family ID is currently scheduling the rest of 2022 and 2023. Fill out the form below to bring Family ID to your organization or to schedule an online event.