Family Priorities

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How do we live out putting God first, then our family and then our work?

They become a priority when you put it on your calendar and you let nothing else interfere with it.

You must set aside a specific time to spend alone with God.

You can start by setting aside ten minutes per day for your alone time with God.

I would encourage you to get a copy of a devotional by Sara Young called Jesus Calling.

It’s also available in a smartphone APP.

Read the devotional thought and bible verses and then write down some thoughts that came to your mind in a journal.

Some people write in the form of a prayer. Your next priority is family.

Schedule time alone with your spouse talking about dreams and ideas.

Go on dates and get away together once a quarter.

Next, schedule alone time with each of your kids.

Do something together that will allow you to talk to them about dreams and ideas.


Greg Gunn

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