Why Should Families Attend Church Together?

Almost thirteen years ago, Mike McGown felt led to start a new church called Parkway Fellowship in Katy, TX. It was the right move, because it’s now in one of the fastest growing counties in the country. Mike and his wife Amy want Parkway to be a church of many healthy families and a welcome place for broken families to find healing and support. For more information about Parkway Fellowship, go to ParkwayFellowship.com

For more information about us, go to Family-id.com

The Lighthouse Connection in Connecticut

The DePasquale Family was part of the community of people who brought comfort and care to the families of Sandy Hook.  Listen how in the midst of tragedy God brings tools to Families that can change generations. Greg Gunn speaks with the Adam and Carrie DePasquale and they share how Family-id has impacted them and the way the Lighthouse has become a family  theme. Adam is part of the senior leadership team of Walnut Hill Community Church in Bethel, CT. See www.walnuthillcc.org for more information about Family-id, see Family-id.com

Three Land Mines to Avoid Leading Your Family!

1. Be aware of all relationships in your family! 2. Too many big changes can lead to big trouble! 3. The key to improving any relationship! Dr. Talley is a nationally known Family and Marriage counselor.  His ministry Relationship Resources has helped thousands of people restore family relationships. For more information about Dr. Talley and his counseling services go to DrTalley.com

Overcoming Trials in Your Life

Imagine if you and your kids could memorize a scripture in
less than 10 minutes.

Listen to Derek Murrow share his amazing story of how God
brought him through life threatening kidney failure. Derek explains how the
scripture memorizing ministry he has today called Holy Nation was born out of
his need to avoid bitterness during the hours of dialysis.  All of us go through disappointments and
pain,  listen to this amazing story of
perseverance and the power of memorizing scripture.