Becoming a Prophet, Priest & King

Young boys are physically maturing into “men,” but emotionally, and
spiritually they are remaining little boys. Many are losing the concept
of what true masculinity is altogether. There are several factors that
are converging to cause this crisis.

Fatherlessness, Spiritual Confusion and Lack of Vision and Direction


Mike Southerland has taken what we do at Family-iD to an entire new level!


Listen to Greg Gunn interview him about how he is doing family with intentional direction! Mike’s website is  http://arrowstoarchers.com/

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Three Vitals for Mom & Dad

1. Parents need to have the right priorities. Relationship with God first, then relationship with spouse, then relationship with kids. God will take up the slack for you in all other areas!

2. How and why to build relationship with wife and kids.

3. How can parents compete with all of the influences of the world?

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“I MUST be about my Father’s business!”

As the former National Youth Director of the International Church of
the Foursquare Gospel, Gregg Johnson directed a network of youth
leaders, pastors and workers throughout North America. A gifted speaker,
writer, musician and motivator; Gregg is now at the center point of a
bold vision for an emerging generation of young people around the world
within the Body of Christ. Gregg continues to travel internationally ministering in
conferences, camps, seminars and churches all over the United States,
Canada, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and Australia.

2000, Gregg married Jessica and together they have launched J12, a
dynamic ministry to the “tweeners” of society (those between the ages of
8 to 12). With a passion to reach a generation before they need to be
rescued, they now have 2 children who will be tweens someday! www.j12.com

Doing Church on Purpose, for the Family!

Greg Gunn has the opportunity to visit with Jon Chasteen of Victory Church in OKC. Listen in on this great conversation about doing family and church on purpose for the family!

Jon serves as the Lead Pastor at Victory Church. He attended and served Victory as a congregant back in the late 90’s while attending college, and again around 2010 before taking the role as the Edmond Campus Pastor in 2011.

The heart of this place has always been to provide a place where people can belong before they believe. We have a passion to accept people where they are and then empower and equip them to LIVE, MOVE, and BE in the fullness of Christ.

— Jon Chasteen

Know Your Identity In Christ

Sherri Allsbury interviews Sheri Yates about her new book called Stop It! Sheri Yates is a multiple hat-wearing mama. Dizzy Busy chauffeur. Girl mom (which

means: Deep listener with the occasional day-dreaming causing, “What was that? I was

listening, but could you repeat that.”) Wife to Ty – He’s WAY outnumbered. Nearly

rehabilitated candy and soda lover. Big dreamer. Encourager. Bible reader. Sold-out

disciple of Jesus Christ. Becoming fit! All these hats can make her head swirl, but her

identity is anchored and rooted in the life of Jesus! Sheri shares openly about how she

overcame a long-term identity crisis from years of sexual abuse. Co-author of SOAR

Bible www.soarwithgod.com. Author of Stuck and If I Were Anything But Me (children’s

book). Learn how to discern between God’s truth and all the other junk with Truth or

Trash™ game and iPhone app developed by the Yates Fam. Sheri’s family founded

www.ikanministries.com and Avodah, an Oklahoma based worship and prayer room

raising up the next gen of Lead Worshippers!