Great Sibling Relationships!

Geoff Patterson is the Senior Pastor at the incredible Forest Lake Church in Apopka, FL. He and his wife Alicia have been have been very serious about the intentional direction of their family for over 15 years. They have tree boys and one girl and have a great family of passion & purpose! Their family vision statement is “TO FOLLOW JESUS, COMMUNICATE GOD’S WORD, AND LEAD THROUGH THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.” This is one of the best podcast we have done. We are very thankful for them!! 

A Lazarus Story Named Nathan

The Patterson family from Apopka, Florida is one of our favorite intentional direction families. Greg Gunn visits with Nathan’s parents, Geoff and Alicia Patterson. They tell the amazing story of Nathan’s heart attack/death and the incredible story of how he came back to life! We praise the Lord for this event!Family-iD has a new app these are the links:


Family Priorities

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How do we live out putting God first, then our family and then our work?

They become a priority when you put it on your calendar and you let nothing else interfere with it.

You must set aside a specific time to spend alone with God.

You can start by setting aside ten minutes per day for your alone time with God.

I would encourage you to get a copy of a devotional by Sara Young called Jesus Calling.

It’s also available in a smartphone APP.

Read the devotional thought and bible verses and then write down some thoughts that came to your mind in a journal.

Some people write in the form of a prayer. Your next priority is family.

Schedule time alone with your spouse talking about dreams and ideas.

Go on dates and get away together once a quarter.

Next, schedule alone time with each of your kids.

Do something together that will allow you to talk to them about dreams and ideas.


Greg Gunn

What’s most important to you, your work, or your family?

What’s most important to you, your work or your family? (click for video)

For many years I would tell people my priorities are God first, my family is second, work is third.

I tried to live this out, but much of the time, my priorities ended up being Work first, work second and work third.

This all changed when a friend of mine told me about his annual family goal setting weekend.

They would go away on a mini-vacation every year for the purpose of setting family goals and putting all of the important family events on the calendar.

I was a goal-setting fanatic at work, but never considered doing family on purpose.

A few weeks later my wife Rhonda and I drove two hours away and locked our-selves in a hotel room to begin putting our family values and vision in writing.

We also started writing down some goals.

This is a good time for you to do your first annual family goal-setting weekend.

Schedule your date nights, family nights, birthdays, vacations and whatever else is important to you.



Greg Gunn