What My Parents Did Right – Boe Parrish

Boe Parrish is CEO and Chairman of Corporate Care. He leads and trains corporate chaplains all over the country. A great way for employers to demonstrate how much they care about their employees is by adding the benefit of a corporate chaplain. Corporate Care also provides Business Consulting, Executive Mentoring & Ministry Leader Support. Boe has a great influence in social media and loves helping people through life’s challenges. Today Greg Gunn visits with Boe about his journey in life and once again asks the question, “What did your parents do right?”  See or find Boe Parrish on Linkedin

Host: Greg Gunn

Producer: Randy Allsbury

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Great Sibling Relationships!

Geoff Patterson is the Senior Pastor at the incredible Forest Lake Church in Apopka, FL. He and his wife Alicia have been have been very serious about the intentional direction of their family for over 15 years. They have tree boys and one girl and have a great family of passion & purpose! Their family vision statement is “TO FOLLOW JESUS, COMMUNICATE GOD’S WORD, AND LEAD THROUGH THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.” This is one of the best podcast we have done. We are very thankful for them!! 

A Lazarus Story Named Nathan

The Patterson family from Apopka, Florida is one of our favorite intentional direction families. Greg Gunn visits with Nathan’s parents, Geoff and Alicia Patterson. They tell the amazing story of Nathan’s heart attack/death and the incredible story of how he came back to life! We praise the Lord for this event!Family-iD has a new app these are the links:


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Becoming a Prophet, Priest & King

Young boys are physically maturing into “men,” but emotionally, and
spiritually they are remaining little boys. Many are losing the concept
of what true masculinity is altogether. There are several factors that
are converging to cause this crisis.

Fatherlessness, Spiritual Confusion and Lack of Vision and Direction

Mike Southerland has taken what we do at Family-iD to an entire new level!

Listen to Greg Gunn interview him about how he is doing family with intentional direction! Mike’s website is

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