What’s most important to you, your work, or your family?

What’s most important to you, your work or your family? (click for video)

For many years I would tell people my priorities are God first, my family is second, work is third.

I tried to live this out, but much of the time, my priorities ended up being Work first, work second and work third.

This all changed when a friend of mine told me about his annual family goal setting weekend.

They would go away on a mini-vacation every year for the purpose of setting family goals and putting all of the important family events on the calendar.

I was a goal-setting fanatic at work, but never considered doing family on purpose.

A few weeks later my wife Rhonda and I drove two hours away and locked our-selves in a hotel room to begin putting our family values and vision in writing.

We also started writing down some goals.

This is a good time for you to do your first annual family goal-setting weekend.

Schedule your date nights, family nights, birthdays, vacations and whatever else is important to you.



Greg Gunn

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